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Saturday, August 20, 2011

kami blogger prihatin dedicated to somali land


like everyone noe tat tis is a segment found by Ben Ashaari.. lets together we spread  the news of our family who suffering for years n no ones noe when they will live as we as Malaysian  tat living with full of everting... we should be thankful to Allah... May Allah bless them..

i had some conversation with some Somalian student at my campus, he said they cant back to their hometown until they done theirs degree..  do think people, they live in hardness.. craving for a better life.. i do hope there's people who giving hand and helping them..

anyone who like to make a donation do visit here ------>  IRM

“Due to the increasing severity of the situation, Islamic Relief, as part of the DEC and around the world through its Partner Offices, joined in an emergency appeal for East Africa. Further donor support is urgently needed to meet the increasing humanitarian needs emerging from the effects of prolonged drought and escalating fighting.” Said Yasmin Hussein, IRW Communications Director.

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